Arrgghh..!!! I scream out loud as my brain still unable to digest on how these 2 things work..What makes me so blur till i can't understand to use these Meta Tag and keyword? ( I screamed again..!!)

There are 2 things why my brain stop digesting..

  1. I haven't sleep yet ( it's 7am now )
  2. My English is not so good

Anyway, there still plenty of time for me to learn, right..?

By the way, if you guys can help me out, please drop a comments ok..?

I know nowadays, with internet connections we are able to learn anything from the web. There's no border line to search for everything. But the problem is, the description that i get is not enough..

Now i admit that i can't dependable on internet. Yes, from internet you can get so many things but do the descriptions / explanations suits best for you? I don't think so..

Thus, it's better for me to ask around and hope to get the best answers from an individual itself..

Hmm..Care for anyone to help me sort out this problem?

If can, Thanking you in advance..

If not, "Get the hell out from here..!!"

* Last part there, I'm just joking ok.. :P *