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I started to listen to Pearl Jam since i was in form 3..Back in school days where most of the teenagers used to listen to Rap song ( Now it was hip hop, bluweekkk...!! ), my friend ask me to listen to this band..At first i thought "WTF? you want me to listen to this crap?" but end up I'm one of the Pearl Jam fan club..muahahaha

Picture of Pearl Jam back in 1991 from left Stone, Dave, Eddie Vedder, Jeff Ament and Mike Mcready

Well, now they come out with a chronology of Pearl Jam's celebrated concert posters spanning 1995-2007..This book includes of 200 poster art images from renowned artists Ames Bros and Brad Klausen..It called "Pearl Jam VS Ames Bros"..Cool huh?

If you interested in getting this book, click HERE for pre orders..You can check their site too..

To Pearl Jam, Thank you so much for your music..Because of you guys, my life has change tremendously..!! It inspires me on how to live my life to the fullest..!!!