Nowadays lots of people blogs on how to make money online..

Some of them become affiliates to gain money..

Some of them reviewed products to gain money..

Some of them sell e-books to gain money..

Seems that there will be a lot of competitions among these bloggers..

Not only you just blog about making money online style, but it also depends on how well you can attract people to visits your blog..

It's all about your own luck..

People noticed you, you gain money..If not, just blog for your own pleasure..

My original intention to blog is because to share with the people around the world what has happened to me or my experience in life..Not to gain money by blogging..

If i blog just for the sake of getting money, I'm sure i wont be long blogging..

Put aside making money online, that would be number 2..

Blog about yourself or political issue or something else..Attract people first..Don't scare them..

Seriously I'm telling you, if you blog just because you think that you can gain money, just fak off..

But if you are too good that you can gain money by blogging, then WTF you still reading my post?

*Talk only, now I'm in the stage of making money online..Hehehehe It's a good stuff, dude..!!*